Handmade Furniture & Home Goods

Seeking hidden treasures from swap meets, estate sales and blue roads is a passion we want to share. Repurposing, revamping, and reusing old vintage finds is what makes Appendage and Bough items original and truly one-of-a-kind.


What We Do

For us, it started out as a hobby. We were simply creating pieces we loved (and needed) in our spare time. As more and more people caught wind of our creations, our hobby quickly turned into a small business. Apparently, many others loved and needed our furniture as well!

We love what we do. We love making custom pieces and seeing them become part of peoples lives. It’s an honor for us to discover history and turn them into pieces that will find new homes with new stories.

Our Materials

While we often mill our own lumber, much of our furniture consists of reclaimed, eclectic materials all of which has a story. Whether wood was once floor boards from a 1940’s Craftsman Home, a vintage fruit basket from an apple orchard, or perhaps part of an old barn or farmhouse dating back to the 19th century, we unveil as much information as we can for our pieces, giving them that much more life.